In this episode we talk about the brilliance of A.G. Gaston a true example of resilience during a time in which the country was in peril. A.G. Gaston was raised by his widowed mother and formerly enslaved grandparents in Alabama. He was active in the civil rights movement by providing pertinent resources for many decorated civil rights leaders while contributing to the cause in his own unique way. 

In this episode we discuss our experience sleeping in a existing former slave dwelling located at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens in Charleston, SC. We wanted to give listeners a first hand experience of what it was like sleeping in sacred places in which our ancestors were enslaved and mastered the art of resilience. The experience is not for the faint of heart! 

Introductions ya dig!!!

In this first episode of History Unsung your co-host Tammy Gibson and Frederick Murphy briefly discuss why they started the podcast and what to look for in upcoming episodes! 


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